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A suite of the world's most advanced generative AI models made specifically for lyric creation

- Reflect user's unique writing style
- Rhyming models offer hard and soft rhymes
- Used to create #1 charting hits 

Adjusts to user’s unique style​
Repetitive, rigid style for lyrics​
Hard, slant, and rhyming off options​
Hard rhymes​
Infinite unique, varied lyrics for any input​
Highly consistent. Users get similar generations​
Includes specialized model for rap​
Rap language not allowed​
Doesn’t replicate existing lyrics​
Known to violate copyright​
Built specifically for lyrics
Chatbot specializing in prose, not poetry​


Create original vocal melodies for any lyrics

- Unlimited suggestions for any input lyrics
- Adapt to user's vocal range & style
- Integrate with chord progressions to seamlessly add vocal melodies to backing tracks


F Am
My hope shines through your eyes



Unique model made specifically for rap lyric generation

- Utilized by professional rappers across the globe
- OPTIONAL: Uncensored rap vocabulary for full artistic expression

Over 2 million songs have been made using our APIs including viral hits and #1 songs

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